"Late Friday night whilst we were busy observing the good traditions of the public holiday, something very suspicious was brought to our attention. It seems that the chaps of One Direction have taken it upon themselves to regurgitate our…




There’s a kid who’s going vegetarian for a while.

"Nobody has the right to turn out and tell me that I can’t wear a certain outfit, that I can’t go out to a certain place because I would be safer, or because a man looks at me…"

um when i was biking to school some bug bit me or stung my lip and now theres a little bump and it hurts. why hwy why

Harry attends a NHL playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center. +

im gonna fucking murder someone this is the second time i lost an hour of sleep because my dad is dumb

oh my fucking god. my dad woke me up an hour earlier than i was supposed to and now i cant fall back asleep and now i’ll only get 6 hours of sleep. thansk dad

im done. that actually didnt take too long idk why my teacher gave us a week to do it


Do one direction know that their tour starts in 3 days