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If you think all Black people’s blogs are “social justice” blogs, you’re racist.

I read some newspaper article recently that pretty much summed up Tumblr and the responses to it this way—privileged people who come here are shocked to see marginalized people talking about their experiences, so they think everyone’s just obsessed with social justice, rather than talking about their own lives.




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s t o p

this is basically saying “girls who dress comfortably for cold weather in clothes they like have the worst personalities”

it’s not cute it’s not funny it’s barely concealed misogyny and it’s fucking ridiculous


i bet the person who tweeted this wears basketball shorts and a t shirt every day


Anonymous said: He did apologize you shit


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what matty healy has apologized for:

  • some amorphous thing related to the twitter user who rightfully called him out
  • but nothing related to religion
  • which is all that he communicated with this twitter user about apart from the snide comment about their twitter being a ‘harry styles fan account’

what matty healy has not apologized for:

  • his gross display of islamophobia, because it’s ~impossible for him to not respect the muslim faith bc he grew up in manchester
  • claiming to know more about someone’s faith than a person who actually practices it
  • his continuous indications, either overt or implied, that he does not respect: girls’ ability to care about “deep” things; girls’ awareness of matters that are not, in his mind, superficial; girls’ ability to know their own faith and/or belief structures and act and/or call people out accordingly; fangirls generally (note: i do not know if the twitter user who called him out ids as a girl, but matty obviously assumed that and stated that they were “hard to take seriously”)
  • his persistence re: deriding religion carte blanche (he supports ~people but not their beliefs or “ideas” and blatantly indicated that) while simultaneously espousing his own, presumably ~permissible, beliefs and ideas which have in the past been used to justify atrocities of their own, e.g., (but not limited to) anti-religious violence
  • "no one is dying in the name of science" can someone direct me to a resource that has a full count of everyone who has died in the name of eugenics?

this has been fun, anon! i hope you have a nice day. come back again soon!

no justice no peace

r.i.p. mike brown